the chubby movemment

chubbieschubbies 2chubs

Guys shorts are getting higher and higher and the answer might be chubs. chubs are men’s shorts that are shorter than normal about mid thigh. Some people think its great and in style, and others think it pretty disturbing, chubs or chubbies are in “style” for men right now especially for dressing up. Chubbies used to be something old time basket ball players wore but now in the past few years chubby use have shot up for many reasons.  Some guys wear it for the fun of it, other for sports and physical activities, and some guys think there just radical. There are plenty of reasons to wear chubs for men such as freedom you have great mobility in chubbies, some guys just look snazzy in them. There’s really not a reason not to wear chubs their obviously a woman magnet woman dig the chubs tan, and your grandpa( aka pappy or pa) will dig them he probably has a pair himself.

If your someone who likes air flow no need for pants just wear chubs. Your probably wondering will I be cold in the winter… No cause you’ll have woman all over you when you wear chubs.  Say your in chubs for sports or just physical activities chubs are proven to make you 4.2x faster Husain bolt wears chubs and he runs 27 mph the fastest man on earth wears chubs why wouldn’t you? Another great thing about chubs is they come in all colors and great designs including flamingos.

If your a guy who has problem with growing facial hair it helps grow facial hair by 3.5% you’ll have that beard you want in no time.  Guys with a great set of knees it’s your time to show them off, chubs come higher than the knees so it gives you a great chance to show off them caps. In a random survey done at Amelia high school 52 students were asked what they think about chubs and should guys wear them, 37 students said yes to chubs and the chubby movement.  Wearing chubs also helps with the daily things of skydiving and fighting bears you wouldn’t see a guy in pants do that.  No ones mean to the guy wearing chubs because they know men who wear chubs are men of power so they wouldn’t tussle with a guy wearing a nice pair of chubbies. Hypothetically lets say Rick Springfield wore chubs he would of definitely had Jessie’s girl no problem cause girls love the chub tan, nothing beats it. When having grill outs or going to them chubs are a great way to say I came looking formal but i’m hear to party, and chubs with a shirt looks great tucked in or not tucked in at all. if your wondering will i have enough pocket space the answer is yes, chubs come with plenty of pocket space for any of your pocket needs.  So if you want to look cool and feel great get yourself a pair of chubs.



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