Effects of fast food on health and budget


More Americans have decided it’s easier to jut eat out or get fast food, but are unaware on what it’s doing to them. People are very busy and always running around, so when they get hungry and see a fast food sign they don’t think about how bad it is they just get it. And average fast food meal has over 800 calories in it, when the average person only needs 1,500 to 2,500 a day. When you don’t have the time to cook or eat Alittle healthier and all you do is eat out, your body misses out on vital nutrients and vitamins that it needs, so it effects your body in more than just weight.

More than 50% of Americans are overweight according to 2014 survey, and fast food is definitely  partially responsible.  2005 studies show that people who eat out at least three times a week gain an average of 9.9 extra pounds, compared to people who don’t. Most meals you eat out at are high in fat and low in devoid of fruits and vegetables, even though its filling you up its not good for you. Being over weight can also lead to a disease that effects a lot of Americans, diabetes.

Even though eating out a lot can effect your weight it also effects more. Dr. Gary Plot nick   did a study, showing after eating a average fast food meal from 3-5 hours after your blood vestals act abnormally, which can lead to heart attacks and even stroke. Having blood vestals and organ problem isn’t like being a little over weight, it can effect you long term or possibly kill you. Eating a lot of fast food can rob you of important nutrients and vitamins, such as omega-3 fatty acid which helps you function, found in walnuts ,salmon  etc. that average fast food meals do not have.

Your mind also gets effected by eating a lot of fast food aseptically depression. Researchers have linked eating fast food to depression, people who eat fast food are 51% more likely to become depressed than people who don’t constantly eat fast food. Part of the reason is when you eat fast food just like your missing out on nutrients for your body, your also missing out on important nutrients for your brain. When eating fast food, it can interfere with neurotransmitters with your brain the feeling of happiness and feeling well.

After interviewing students, Garret Fletcher says,” getting fast food is an easier solution when i’m hungry, and I do realize that its not in anyway good for me, but its just faster”. Angie said,” I know the effects of fast food but it taste better and its faster”. Fast food is everywhere, so when teenager see a big sign after school they just go in and get it. Fast food is  a big business and its growing still, pick your poison.



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