pros and cons of exercising

A regular exercise routine has many pros,  including increased longevity and stable physical and emotional health. While there are many medical benefits to exercise, there are also drawbacks, such as the sacrifice of time and energy that must be given over to establishing a consistent workout. The inconvenience and expense of exercise deters many people from embarking on a regular routine, despite the various benefits.

There are also many health benefits to exercising such as, establishing a cardiovascular work out can benefit your health. Exercising regularly can also help reduce the chance of a heart attack. It helps with reducing a chance of osteoporosis, and helps with increasing muscle mass. There has been a study done that exercising right can help you live longer.

Emotional benefits can come from exercising, exercise has been seen to help depression and smooth away anxiety. But exercising can also be an inconvenience, some people don’t have the time to workout even if it’s only a little bit of time a day. When people workout they should atleast thirty minutes a day, but parents of family or people with a busy job don’t always have that time. Working out can be very expensive to, besides the fact of the gym membership, there are also trainers that you can pay for, and drinks and pills to help build muscle. Weigh the pros and cons and decide if working out is right for you.



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