Unseen Netflix Greatness


Almost every family now has netflix, it gives you the option to pick what show you wanna watch and when you wanna watch it, but are you watching the best of netflix movies? Anybody that watches netflix might say, I’ve already seen everything, or netflix never has anything new, but maybe they just don’t see some of the classic ones.

One of the unseen great movies on Netflix is Goon, it’s about hockey in Canada, it shows some of the violence of hockey, with someone named Sean William- Scott who’s a fighter, and gets a chance to do it when he joins a minor league hockey. On the ice it’s all hes’s looking for, it’s one of the best sports movies.

If you’re looking for comedy, then maybe you should watch Bernie, it’s a comedy with Jack Black. It tells a real life story of a funeral director, who falls in love with a wealthy widow. This movie is one of best performances of Jack Black, if you’re a fan I recommend  this movie.

When you’re feeling on the more emotional side, then you can switch over to a movie called Hachii. It’s a movie about a very loyal dog, who never gives up on his owner. People who loves pets, this will be your movie to watch, but get the tissues it’s touching. It has Richard Gere and Joan Allen, and the dog hachi never faces the hard truth about his owner. But it teaches a good lesson about loyalty, and a great classic to see.

So if you’re a Netflix fan, get digging to see the unseen classics of what Neflix has to offer.



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