should abortion be legal?

When does life begin?  This controversial question continues to divide Americans.  This question went all the way to the supreme court in the case Row vs. Wade.  With one side of the court room being pro-life and the other being pro-abortion  deciding whether or not abortion should be legal in the United States.   The decision was to legalize abortion.

The side of pro-life believes that life starts at conception so abortion would be considered murder.   The thought of the baby becoming a person one day who could impact the world,makes it more of an act of killing a human being.  There was a saying from a pro-life member when someone asked  the question why do you think no one  has found the cure to aids yet.    Mother Teresa answered that there was but he was aborted.  The future person isn’t the only one being effected according to pro-life.  The woman who gets abortions sometimes have long term depression and anger and guilt.  Most woman who get abortions already have children, so sometimes their anger and hurt gets focused on some one else.  In the ten years after abortion became legal child abuse is said to have risen 500%.   Abuse became more frequent and one reason is when abortion became legal the value of a child’s life decreased.  Excuses from mothers who abort say I can’t care for the child, but there’s always a way to give him or her to a better home.


The views of a pro-abortionist says life doesn’t start until birth.   Women have rights to their own body .  They believe if they don’t want to be a mother than that should be there choice. Not all woman who get an abortion have long term effect or guilt.  To some it’s more of a relief because to them it was never a human baby.  40% of woman who get abortions are poor and most likely could not provide for the child.  Women would  rather a baby not be born at all than  being born into a bad life.  A baby can have a big impact on some ones life.  It can put careers to a halt and  the mother and father have no time to do anything else but take care of their baby.   Abortions happen because a baby is a big responsibility, and parents are not ready to take it on yet.  Women just want the choice to decide what they want on there own, without outside influence or prohibiting laws.

Now it’s up to you.   Is this a personal issue or a legal issue?  Where does life really begin?










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