Stress by definition is your body’s method to reacting to a challenge.  How do you know if your stress is real or just things in your imagination?  There are signs and causes of stress.  It can be cause by a lot of things than you think.   The effects can also be much worse than most people think

.The causes of stress can be much simpler then most people think.   Things that cause stress are called stressers.   Stressers can be caused from anything as little as traffic, or as big as a family emergency.   Jobs are a big part of stress,.   Bosses who appear to be judgmental and unfair can all add to the stress you already have.  If you’re having financial problems there’s a good chance  it’s causing stress.

streessman with stress

Symptoms can be a lot more severe then  just some worrying.  Besides mental health it can effect your physical health also.   When stress gets to you,  it may cause you to not sleep, not eat and not be yourself.   Aches in the stomach and nausea  can be an effect, along with headaches and chest pains.   Frequent colds and low energy can be effects of worry.   While stress can sometimes be positive and in certain situations to keep you alert, too much of it can cause more problems that it is worth.

Is stress always worth worrying about?   Some of the stress you have may be caused from nothing but your imagination.  The thought of something that might happen may cause anxiety and  worry and more symptoms.  Until there is a real reason to worry, there’s really not a reason at all to worry.

There are ways to relief your stress and worry.   Stress relieves work different for everyone. Some methods are getting a hobby,  it can be a great distraction that you really enjoy. Meditating is another activity that relieves stress.   Everyone knows to count down from ten and take deep breathes.  Sometimes people need a quiet place where they can go to by them selves.  Whatever works it would a good idea to try.

Whats causing stress in your life?  Is it real or just imagined?  Can it be helped by a stress reliever?  It’s up to you whether you want to  ignore the stress in your life or do something about it.

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