Table tennis

Have you been trying to find that fun active hobby? Table tennis might what you’ve been looking for. It involves being active without being a major contact sport. Tactics and strategy is more of what wins this game.

Playing this sport is a good way to keep you healthy and fit in many different ways. It’s a very fast pace game that keeps you Into it. Just by hitting a little white ball around for a bit.

If most actives are getting to hard on your body this could be perfect for you. People with some in capabilities can also play because it doesn’t take much. It’s a non contact to so there’s not much chance of getting hurt.



Another this great about it is it keeps you mentally sharp. The strategies you plan out take a lot of thinking. Playing table tennis is as much of a mental game as it is physical. And it’s just like most things you get better and learn more things as you go on.

Anyone can play ping pong as long as they want to. From young to old and strong to weak it can be played. Being stronger doesn’t always give you an advantage in this game. It takes a lot more skill and thinking. So it’s a great sport for those who are more un athletic than others.

Most of the time it can be played anytime anywhere. Weather doesn’t matter because it’s an indoor sport. Doesn’t take up a lot of space to play ping pong. And doubled can be played to get more people involved. Getting all of this stuff usually isn’t to expensive either. Just around 100-200$ for everything to play. Which compared to other sports in pretty low.

Besides all of the physical and mental benefits it’s a great way to enjoy your self. With all the things good about it it doesn’t hurt to try. Maybe it’ll become a great hobby or sport for you.




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