Bad habits

Do you have those bad habits that you don’t notice you  do anymore?  Did you know those could be hurting you?

Everybody has that bad habit they know they shouldn’t do.  Nail biting is a common one you see people do.  Besides that causing damage to your teeth and nails, it could be symptoms for mental disorders.   Biting your nails is usually caused by boredom or stress and is also a symptom of OCD. The good thing is there’s a way to quit.  Such as trimming your nails down so you can’t bite them. When you get bored distract your self with something else.



A lot of people in school have one bad habit they most likely don’t even know they have. Carrying around a heavy back pack all day can cause a lot of damage.  When carrying a lot,  it can cause bad lower back and shoulder problems.  Some people make it even worse by carrying it with one shoulder.  That can cause the strain on your back to be much worse.   So maybe put some of your books in your locker to help your back.

This habit is one of the worse to start and break.  Smoking is a terrible addiction that does nothing but hurt your body.  It’s something people can have the hardest time quitting . Smoking can cause more than just lung problems.   It’ll make your teeth look bad and your voice might start to sound like a smoker.  Tar can fill your lungs if you smoke to long.  But luckily there’s ways to quit like patches and gum.

One of the most disgusting habits is to pick your nose and mouth.  Just making you look weird isn’t even the worst of it.   Bad health is more common in people who pick their nose and mouth because of spreading all the germs.   Spreading viruses can also happen from this nasty habit, causing other people to get sick.   People tend to do this when theyre bored or nervous.  This habit can be broke by keeping your self distracted.   This habit can also be broke simply because it’s terrible for you.


Have you ever caught yourself eating and you don’t even know why?   Stress and boredom can lead to bad eating habits and even to binge eating.   Binge eating is basically when you just eat everything in sight and you’re not even hungry and don’t know why you’re eating. When you start to eat, ask yourself if your are really hungry or why am I really eating?   What can you do besides eating?

Do some of these remind you of the habits you have?  You might have realized some of the consequences of what you do.  Most habits can be broken is the good news.  It’s just the will power to do it, do you have that will power?

doughnutgood habits




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