Spring cleaning

I used to be addicted to soap.. But I’m clean now. Speaking of cleaning, are things around you looking kinda looking cluttered and unorganized? Have you had trouble finding things or just felt like your house or car is a mess from this long winter? Well springs right around the corner and that usually means spring cleaning. If your one of those people who hate doing that, keep reading for some tips to make it bearable.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be as terrible as it sounds this year. Step one tackle the big things first then you’ll be done with spring cleaning in no time. A good place to start after that is where everybody walks in. The front door is the beginning of what everybody sees before actually getting into your house. It’s not to expensive to get a new door mat which helps the appearance. Then just cleaning the door and what surround it makes it look welcoming.



Next best thing to work on is the carpet and upholstery. The winter dirt and germs can get stuck in fabrics. So it’ll take a deep cleaning to get it ready for another year of use. Getting in all of the nooks and crannies by moving all the furniture may see hard at first. But it’s worth it to get that deep clean that will last.

If your someone who doesn’t have carpets and has hardwood floors there’s tips for you to. To protect your hardwood floor from another year of wear and tear, using wash and wax can help. Protecting your floors with wash and wax saves time. It’ll also help so that you can finish your cleaning even earlier.

Details like cleaning the baseboards even though small can really improve how a house looks. Vacuuming smart is also something you’ll need to learn how to do. When doing something like vacuuming it’s always good to get everything the first time so you don’t have to go back over. Such as moving all the furniture even though it’s hard and getting under it.

Cleaning the car would also be another good idea to do since your already doing your house. Your first step might be as easy as getting all the garbage out. At any automotive store you can get cleaners and tire shine etc.. If your not wanting to do these things there are other options. Getting your car detailed is another option and only costing around $100. Which isn’t a bad price to pay to get your car looking new.

How ever you do it spring cleaning is coming up soon. And you have to ask your self how good do you want your house to look.




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