Urban Legends

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe those scary thoughts or noises that keep you up at night might be real?  Or that maybe all those so called crazy people who said they have seen big foot or the loch ness monster might be right?  Well if you’re even a little bit curious about the if these creepy creatures keep reading.

Lets start with one of the more well known mystery monsters the one that has apparently been seen through out the woods all over, Bigfoot.   Bigfoot is less known for not being real ( because nobody knows if he exists) but more for what he supposedly leaves behind , which is the large foot prints that have been found through out woods around the world.  Partially what made bigfoot so popular with people is the video taken of what looked to be Big foot In 1967 in Bluff Creek, California.  It gave bigfoot its classic huge hairy man look that everybody knows.  Even though this film taken was never proven real and might  people still believe that large hairy creature was in fact Bigfoot himself.

Now we’re going to go from land to see and discover the so called hidden monster of Scotland.   The loch ness monster, the creature that roams the loch ness,  is one of hundreds of sea monsters.  It has been said that it was spotted in late may of 1933 and real or not it has become quite the tourist attraction.    People are constantly trying to find Nessie of the loch ness for the past 70 years and counting.   In 2003 BBC went searching through the lake with over 600 sonar beams and navigation satellite and found no sign of the creature.  But the public still search for the big aquatic animal roaming through loch ness lake.


There’s another fearsome role in a lot of movies that turns from a man to a ferocious animal. Were wolves were believed to have come from the stories of the French towns being attacked in the 1700 by something that looked unnatural.   Now they’re a movie part in films like Teen Wolf and the Twilight series and in some cases are not as bad as people make them out to be.  The legend says that  man can only turn into a were wolf when there is a full moon that night.   While nobody really knows if they are actually real, there may of been a misunderstanding because of the disease called hypertrichosis which  can cause extreme hairiness in  a person.  The Hollywood way of killing a were wolf, to shoot it with a  silver bullet,  was not set back in the 1700’s when they were supposedly sighted.  The stories of the silver bullet and the hunters of the were wolf came much later.  Even though there more seen in movies than in person,  people still look for these killers of the night.

Up next is the real meaning behind the Dracula.   Vampires are even more popular in films then were wolves.  Though there is not many people really looking for them people are still fans of these possibly fictitious creatures.  They’ve been in movies like “Buffy The Vampire Slayer ” and Twilight and many others.  In these kind od movies the vampires need blood to survive so hunt humans and humans fight back.  Even though vampires have been proven to be fake some,  people will even claim they are vampires doing rituals and taking blood from donors.


Something that has terrorized the people of Mexico for awhile now is the chupacabra.  The cupacabra is said it have appeared out of no where and is said to be bad luck from all the U.S. secret projects that they have been doing.  Instead of leaving behind massive footprints like bigfoot, it  is said  is leave behind dead animals.   One of it’s favorite animals was said to be a goat( which chupacabra is Spanish actually means goat sucker).  It became popular around 1995 when it went on a five year spree and attacking a lot of Spanish speaking countries. Sightings have been said to have of been seen in the United States but mainly in Texas and New Mexico.  The Citizens of Mexico still have the fear of the five foot red eyed monster.

Canada  supposedly has the most amount of lake monsters including the ogopogo.  It’s a mystery monster that hasn’t been seen to be to much of a monster at all.  There are legends that the lake has something to do with Indian territory.   But the eye witnesses see weird things happening and suspect the ogopogo.  Apparently this one might actually be real, according to the president o f the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology club.  There’s a lot of evidence that the ogopogo does exists.  But the Canadians keep believing in their furry little friend of the lake.


You don’t have to go to Canada or Mexico to see urban legend though . Every town or city has that urban legend that maybe isn?t  as scary as these.   For example Amelia, Ohio has an urban legend that off of 125 there’s a road called Dead Mans Curve.   At this intersection at around 2 p.m.  you’ll see head lights but no car behind them.  There’s also one in new Richmond, Ohio on Pond Run Road where there used to be a house. The house burnt down killing the parents but the son survived and it is said that if you park there and turn your car off, you’ll see him.

If you’re someone who likes to see new things and explore this just might be the fun you’ve been waiting for.  Not all legends are going to be true but there’s a chance that some are bound to be.  So there’s things to find in your town will you take the adventure?







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