Alternative Energy

How long do you think coal will last? The truth is if we keep using it the way we are, not very long. Finding an alternative energy source could save people from not having electric to their house.

There are plenty of other energy sources to use in place of coal. One popular energy source is solar. Solar energy comes from the sun so it wouldn’t run out, but the set back is it’s expensive. It’s a very clean source because it puts off no emissions like coal would. Wind isn’t as popular popular of a source but it’s just as clean but once again very expensive. Reasons why people don’t always want it is because there not always what it needs, like sun wind etc. In 2012 the Nrel found that renewable resources can supply 484,247 billion kilowatts of electric annually.


Coal and natural gases all put off harmful chemicals when burned. This is believed to cause something called the greenhouse effect. This is the gases being trapped in the atmosphere and harming the ozone layer. Harming the air quality is also another effect of the emissions that are put off using non renewable resources.

Creating these nonrenewable resources is also pretty labor intensive. Jobs become created from this, which to some people its supporting a family. It’s also possible it could help the economy by creating a lot of jobs. Stable energy prices happen from this because there abundant. Their said to be 4.1% lower in natural gas, and 7.6% lower in electric.

So there is a choice either be happy for now with the amount of energy we produce with non renewable. Or we can find new ways to get clean energy and help our environments future.



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