Excitement of Cincinnati

Do you live in the area Clermont County area and think “I’ve done everything and I’m bored”?What’s great is there’s a place close that has something going on everyday. This great place is Cincinnati Ohio, where you’re just a drive away from places like the Cincinnati Zoo or the Great American Ball Park and even just parties at the park.

One of the attractions Cincinnati is so well known for is the Outstanding zoo. According to USA travel guide the Cincinnati Zoo is number seven in the top ten zoos to visit in the country. Trip Advisor also says it’s a four and a half out of five rating. With people commenting the zoo is more like a two in one with the beautiful botanical garden in the spring time. Admissions are only at only thirteen dollars, so why wouldn’t you come down and take a look?

Not to far away from the zoo is the Great American Ball Park, home to the Cincinnati Reds. Opened in 2003, the stadium is fairly new and fun you can have with the whole family. For those of you who don’t like baseball, the Paul Brown Stadium is right next door. Home to the Cincinnati Bengals, there’s never a dull moment when games are on there.


Let’s say you’re not a sports fan. There are other activities are always going on. The Cincinnati Art Museum is how some people say a unique and magnificent experience to go on. Varieties of art are everywhere and also a children’s center if you decide this is a family event. They even have a new hands on center where you can really get close and learn. Another new opening is the New Rosenthal Educational Center, which is an interactive space program.

Are you an unknown artist who can play in front of a crowd? Then maybe you should think about going down to the open mic night at Brew River GastroPub. Any music is accepted but it’s mainly a country bluegrass type bar.

You don’t have to be bored anymore, all you have to do is drive a little to a place where it’s always fun. So instead of sitting on your couch, get out this weekend and explore how fun the city of Cincinnati can be.



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