Saving College Money


In high school you have the opportunity to earn college scholarships in many different ways to make college affordable. For Ohio State to just go to school there if you live in Ohio tuition is $10,037 just to go to school, to dorm is an additional $11,666.. But if you want to go to Ohio State but you don’t live in Ohio tuition is $26,537 and to dorm is the same. That’s why in high school you want to try for scholarships to make college more affordable. You can get scholarships from athletics, academics, and other easier ways.


If you play a sport in high school and you are good at the sport you can try to commit to a college for that sport. After your sophomore year of high school college scouts can contact you directly but before that you can contact them but they have to go through people like your coach to get a hold of you.  Colleges can offer you as much as a full ride for sports if you get a full ride everything is paid for including books, dorm, and school. If you get 50% athletic scholarship only 50% of your school, books, and dorm is paid for and so on. Also once you join a college team you don’t pay for any traveling, any of the equipment the college will pay for you. Also when you commit to a college you can start to use their work out room, their trainer, and anything they use for the team. For girls they usually can verbally commit to college around sophomore year but boys usually don’t commit until their senior year. Usually only D1 schools only give full rides but you can still get athletic money from D2 and a little from D3. TJ Troxell is going to be playing football at Wittenberg but also has an academic scholarship for 38,000$for college.


You can also get a scholarship for your grades, students with a 3.5 or higher can usually get scholarships. Also the grade you get on your ACT could get you a lot of money which is why it is important to try hard in school and test hard because you can get money from how good you do. The better your grades are the easier it is to get into a good college like University of Cincinnati or Ohio State. You have to be accepted to those colleges unlike UC Clermont. You can also get a full ride for academics, scholarships work the same was as they do for athletics its just harder to get an academic scholarship than it is an athletic. Some people that are very smart can actually be paid to go to college depending on what degree you are in. Elena Mcdonald has committed to Miami University and has a academic scholarship of 7,000$ renewable. But she had more options than this she had offers from UK and also NKU. TJ Reed will be attending Marian University but he’ll be going for and athletic scholarship instead. TJ will be getting 34,500$ toward his tuition there.



Some schools also offer their own special scholarships. Like if you are out of state and wanting to go to Ohio State you can try to get the National Buckeye Scholarship which is $12,000. Also some schools offer a sibling scholarship, if you have siblings that go to or have attended the school you want to go to you could get some money for that. University of Cincinnati offers the UC Global scholarship that can range from $1,000- full tuition. All schools can have small scholarships that they can offer you that all add up.

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You can combine a whole bunch of scholarships together and possibly have a full ride and not having to pay anything for college. Say you play sports and have good grades, if you are pretty good at the sport you could get a 75% athletic scholarship with a 15% academic scholarship which would be equivalent to a full ride. College can be expensive and put some people in debt which is why scholarships can help some people immensely. But to get any type of scholarship you have to work for it.. Start looking for scholarships when you get into high school because high school will go by fast and you will be prepared for college instead of waiting until you have to do something your senior year and be stressed about it. Preparing yourself early for college will make things easier on you and college scholarships are worth the work in the long run.

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