School Shooting Safety


Do you feel safe when you come to school? Do you ever think, what if something were to happen, or maybe a shooter would come into your school? You shouldn’t have to feel that way in a place that you just came to learn in. I’ll show you reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid, but aware.

The Sandy Hook shooting really hit home with a lot of people. The realization that children and teachers were at danger is what made American’s act in this. School security became a priority, making sure that a horrible act like this couldn’t happen again. The main blame went to gun use.

The gun safety movement is stronger than ever because of this. The belief was that if gun laws were a little more strict then maybe this wouldn’t happen. So people across the nation were putting in a lot of work to enforce the laws. But they don’t put all the blame on just the gun, its also the person selling and using the gun. Background checks, to make sure the buyer is sane and isn’t a criminal, are needed so  that the gun doesn’t get into the wrong hands.


Schools weren’t going to let another shooting like Sandy Hook happen, so new things were implemented for safety. According to school security sites metal detectors were put in so that if a student had anything dangerous they could catch them.  Another safety precaution put in was on campus police, in case things got to out of hand for teachers. Within the school to make it less violent they strict rules and anti-bullying programs were put in.

A fatal shooting isn’t very common, most get stopped before anyone gets hurt. According to there’s only a 2.46 percent chance that a school shooting would happen,  and that’s only the plan of it nor it really getting serious. So overall is good to be cautious about shooting but you really don’t have a lot to worry about.

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