Homecoming game preview

What would be nice to finally do at a homecoming game? Win of course, well this year Amelia High School might have that chance. With Cage Meyer behind center at quarter back. He says ” I think we’ll win, as long as we keep getting in the red zone and keep our defense strong”. Blanchester is the opponent and started off this season 0-4, this could be used to Amelia’s advantage.

We lost a lot of valuable seniors this season, but with only two this season there’s a total of over 70 players.  Player number is no the problem though, keeping their heads in the game is. Kyle Nicodemus the teams middle line backer says ” our number one problem is getting mad about the game, if we stay in this we have a good chance at winning”.

“Coming off the blocks into this game will be important” says Blake Boykin.  So come out and watch the barons slay the wildcats.



Key players- Jacob Pangallo at running back

Jacob Helton on the offensive line

Kyle Nicodemus aggressively at middle linebacker

Bobby Withmoth sprinting at wide receiver


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