Everest Movie Review

What’s the one mountain every climber wants to tackle?  The most popular is Mt. Everest, well now there’s a new spin on the old story from 1996. This movie with actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin , and Robin Wright is no tricks called Everest. The story line is experienced climbers go to the highest point on earth, with a brutal storm brewing making it back alive is up to them.

everest Everest02

Critics say there was no “whoo-hoo” moment, but if you’re into thrillers that makes your heart pound you need to look into Everest. “Don’t let go”  could be the headline for this movie based on a true climbing story from 1996. This movie of all things teaches not to give up and or down in this case.

This movie scripted and directed by William Nicholson and Simon Beaufoy is a movie of the year that could make you cry and become inspired all at the same time. So don’t miss this water cooler talking movie that came out on September 18.

maxresdefault 24



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