Student athlete stress

What do you think of when you hear the term student athlete? For most it’s the image of a pupil who excels on the field as well as the classroom. What a lot of people dot realize  is that it can put a lot of stress and strain on the students. They are at great risk for depression and anxiety, along with other mental health issues. But there is still hope to be able to do great in both.

Any student athlete knows that school comes first. But balancing it can get to you, research suggest 10-15% of college athletes are at risk for mental health issues.  All of that bad stuff such as depression , anxiety , and stress can lead to something even worse. Substance abuse, which in college is quite popular so it wouldn’t be that hard to get to.

Timberline-High-School-Football-and-academics-300x200 bigstockphoto_stress_asian_scholar_5099246

A student in high school is a whole different story. What they have is the want and worry to get into the college of their dreams and play sports, all while trying to pass high school.  One problem is the role of prioritizing the duties they have, for example, if competitions or games interfere with school work this makes it tedious and stressful to manage your time. Haunting images of failing or losing become vivid in the students minds, and this is where it all begins.

The performance that he/she gives in a game is also a contributing factor to the mental strain in a student. It can heavily effect the academics from being sleepy to irritated, or maybe just still thinking about the game last night.  But these stressors can be relieved like melting butter on a warm skillet that is being prepped to cook some buttermilk biscuit’s

Counseling can be a great way to help your state of mind. This isn’t a big problem though, nothing psycho ward worthy so don’t worry if that’s you. Just remember school first and time can be made to take care of both. So kick the books instead of the ball and make your dreams come true, as well as win games.




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