Starting of the chess club

Which chess piece is the most powerful? The knight, it goes over top. Puns is only part of what chess club brings to the table. This club is rapidly spreading across AHS, and the leader and founder of it Brain Fleishmen is welcoming all skill level. If you have no experience no problem, they are offering lessons for beginners.

This isn’t just any ordinary club,  they have been talking to Mrs.Walker our principal about playing competitively. With hopes to play Gleneste  by the end of October, Brain says ” It could be really fun, I hope to get the blue crew out there”.




For those of you who don’t find yourself athletic or coordinated in anyway then this might be the sport you’ve been looking for. Jacob linemen, one of he top players of the club said” it’s the king of all clubs, so come out and try”(pun intended). But the only real way to know if you have what it takes to playing chess is to come out and try it for yourself.

Chess Club is every Monday At 3





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