Should steroids be allowed?

    In the 1950’s athletes started to take drugs used by soldiers in WWll called amphetamines. Amphetamines were the first effective performance enhancing drug used by athletes and are still used now. There are several types of performance enhancing drugs used today, anabolic steroids, stimulants, human growth hormones, and supplements. The reason why many athletes use steroids is because they help athletes become stronger and athletes using steroids are able to train in longer periods of time because they don’t need as long of time to recover. But they don’t tell you the negative effects. 
A lot of national leagues have banned steroids, like NFL, MLB, NBA, and the Olympics. “Most sports associations require the athletes that participate to take annual drug test” says the NCAA. The reason why sport enhancing drugs were banned in a lot is because people taking drugs usually dominated and it wasn’t fair to the people not using the drugs. In 1936 German athletes dominated the Olympics and they were all using some types of drugs. The only way anyone can legally get and use steroids is if they are prescribed to them by a doctor.  “Most sports have penalties for using banned substances and one of the penalties in the NFL is the player who used the drug can play in the next 4 games” says CSN sports net. Athletic enhanced drugs and steroids can have a negative effect with them as well as positive, they can cause health problems. 
   Athletic enhanced drugs and steroids may help athletes get stronger, but what they might not know is the health problems that can be a result of them. Common health problems associated with drugs and steroids are heart attacks, blood cancer, and strokes. Heart attacks can be fatal and even though a lot of people end up surviving a heart attack that doesn’t mean everyone does, life can change a lot after having a heart attack as well.. You have to change your eating habits, can’t smoke, have to take prescribed medicine, and will have to go through a cardiac rehabilitation program.
      If you get blood cancer you are going to have to go through the whole process every cancer patient goes through like chemo therapy, and blood cancer is also fatal. There are 3 different types of blood cancer Leukemia, occurs in the bone marrow where the blood is made. There is Lymphoma, which develops in the lymphatic system. And the last one is Myeloma, forms a tumor in the bone marrow. Strokes are fatal and effect the survivors after the stroke. If a stroke occurs in the left side of your brain the whole right side of your body will be affected and possibly paralyzed. The effects of a stroke can last months or years after the stroke occurred. 
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Not everyone thinks about the money going into steroids and doesn’t think about having to keep paying for every cycle. Sport enhancing drugs can be expensive and some of the time the athlete is having to pay for the sport and the equipment and doesn’t have the money to be doing drugs. “Most Athletes don’t have a lot of money when they are first getting started because they are having to pay coaches, trainers, clubs, and the rest of the sport expenses” says NY times. People can spend more than 500 dollars on anabolic steroids for just one cycle which last around 8-12 weeks. Even though the cycle is over around 2 months you most likely aren’t going to stop after one cycle and have to pay more for the next cycle.  Tyler Stewart says ” Steriods ruin the sport as well as your bank account”.
   When athletes first start using drugs they don’t think of the after affects and what the drugs can do to their body in the long run. Anabolic Steroids are addictive and can cause baldness, severe acne, lung tumors, high blood pressure, prostate gland enlargement, and HIV. Androstenedione used to be an over the counter drug but was eventually banned by NFL, Olympics, NCAA, and MLB. Androstenedione can cause diminished sperm production, acne, shrinking of the testicles, and enlargement of the breast for men and for women can cause, acne and masculinisation. Diuretics are drugs that change your bodies natural balance of fluids and can cause potassium deficiency, heart arrhythmias, loss of coordination and balance, and death. Creatine is a nutritional supplement sold over the counter and can cause Kidney damage and Liver damage. Are any of those drugs worth the after affects of using them? Hank Troxell says ” I fell besides making the sport just wrong it’s also a major health risk”.
     Athletic enhanced steroids can have more of a negative effect to them than positive because of all of the side effects and diseases that can come along with them. I personally think drugs and steroids should be banned from every sport because they can cause people to go crazy and rage, also if someone is using steroids in a sport like football and they are going up against someone that isn’t that isn’t fair to the person not using. Drugs and steroids are not good for anyone and aren’t worth using them in any sport.
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