Preview of Creed

Have you ever seen a movie that struck you in the heart strings? Watching someone who has dug deep to achieve the impossible and more in an inspirational thing and a new one is  coming your way…


Most people have seen all of the Rocky movies with the Italian stallion , Mick, and Apollo Creed and the whole gang. But what if I told you there’s a movie about the offspring of the great Apollo….? With the anger of not being able to meet his father driving him to become as great as his dad once was. With the one and only Rocky Balboa as his mentor.


The basic story line is actor Michel B. Jordan as the son of creed looks to follow in his fathers footsteps with the help of Sylvester Stallone  as Rocky Balboa a long time friend of Apollo. If you’re a fan of the Rocky trilogy then come on out and see Creed premiering  November 25.

Directed by Ryan Coogler

Screen play by Aaron Covington




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