Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Why does Yoda like to garden…? Because he has a green thumb(crowd laughs) in case you haven’t heard there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out! Continuing the trilogy from over 30 years ago in “The Jedi Returns” and if you’re a Star Wars fan you can already feel the force pulling you there…



This movie still being done by Lucas Films and they have decided to go an old school route and bring back some actors from the original movie of “The Jedi Returns”. Such as Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Mark Hamil as Luke Skywalker and many more. What this movie consist of is the republic trying to be taken back by good. But the legacy won’t end here Lucas said ” This is planned to be a trilogy” so they’ll be more where this is coming from. This is being showed in theaters December 18, 2015 and may the force be with you..




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