Should the Death Penalty be Legal?

What is the value of a human life? Everybody has heard that question but do you really know what it means ? In the famous words of Aristotle ” The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival”.

Do we as people have the right to decided whether someone lives or dies? In the United States the death penalty is legal in more the 30 states and 19 that oppose. This controversial topic has be taking a lot of fire  with several cases being a little foggy. Opponents of capital punishment argue that the death penalty  undermines  the fair judgement of justice as wealth , geography, race and quality of a legal representation all come into play with uneven results.



The supporters of the death penalty believe capital punishment servers a moral purpose and keeps things structured. While the administration of the death penalty is not perfect it can be changed in ways to improve it but without doing all of the punishing. Even the people who don’t believe in the death penalty still say some people deserve to die for the crimes they have committed. You can’t  be on both sides of this argument because if the crimes of some are so sinister that death is what they deserve then depending on the administration death penalty would over all have the vote.


The two fierce teams faced off over the the question of the motion to ” Abolish the Death Penalty”. They did this Oxford-style with two arguments and two sides swaying the most people to its side to make it the winner. Before the debate 49 percent of the audience at Kaufman Music Center in New York voted in favor of the motion to not abolish, while 17% were opposed and 37% still undecided. When asked if he would vote to abolish or not Robby Stanford  said ” I would keep it, in some cases people deserve it”. At Amelia High School when a small poll was taken to decide if the death poll should be here or no over 30 students voted yes and only 2 said no.


When students were asked do you think the death penalty should be legal these were there responses…

Hank Troxell said ” It depends on what they did but overall yes”

Tyler Stewart said ” Yes, but not for all”.

Kyle Nicodemus said ” Yes, it’s needed”

Kendall Keiser said ” It depends” but voted in favor of not abolishing



Death Penalty Facts 

  • 1,188 people were executed  in the US from 1977 to 2009
  • The lowest number of death penalties was in 1976
  • IN 2010 by 23 countries 527 executions took place not including thousands of executions carried out by china
  • In Iran over 250 were killed in 2010
  • North Korea had over 60 in 2010
  • US had 46 executions in 2010
  • There are 5 ways to execute some one lethal injection , electrocution, gas chamber , hanging , and firing squad

There are many opinions on this topic such as Bruce Fein, JD the counsel for center of law and accountability said”Abolitionists may contend that the death penalty is inherently immoral because governments should never take human life, no matter what the provocation. But that is an article of faith, not of fact, just like the opposite position held by abolitionist detractors, including myself… The death penalty honors human dignity by treating the defendant as a free moral actor able to control his own destiny for good or for ill; it does not treat him as an animal with no moral sense, and thus subject even to butchery to satiate human gluttony. Moreover, capital punishment celebrates the dignity of the humans whose lives were ended by the defendant’s predation.”

The American Civil Rights union’s input was “It [capital punishment] is immoral in principle, and unfair and discriminatory in practice… No one deserves to die. When the government metes out vengeance disguised as justice, it becomes complicit with killers in devaluing human life and human dignity. In civilized society, we reject the principle of literally doing to criminals what they do to their victims: The penalty for rape cannot be rape, or for arson, the burning down of the arsonist’s house. We should not, therefore, punish the murderer with death… Capital punishment is a barbaric remnant of uncivilized society.”

In the end the vote to not abolish the death penalty won. Who is to say what is morally right the judgment of a human life? Just like the number of licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop the world may never know…

amnesty-death-penalty-graphic-638x2861e4aaa60875f0df29f08f1acf63d7656 (1)







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