Student Spot Light of Abby Brown

What is a ghosts favorite position? Ghoul keeper( pun intended). This was a punny joke to kick off this article about a soccer player. Someone who needs no introduction Abby Brown who is a junior here at Amelia High School.

Abby Brown is 17 years old and plays center back a defensive position. She has played varsity all three years so far and has made first team two of those three. Besides playing for the school she also plays for a club team that was top 5 in the nation of her age group. Abby is now committed to playing soccer at Akron University with a 75%  athletic scholarship.



Besides being a studly soccer player she also has the brains with a GPA of 3.75.  Abby Brown said ” My academics are just as important as my athletic ability if not more to me “.  When asked which soccer program she liked more she said ” School soccer because it’s a lot less stressful and easier”.



         Facts about Abby

  • Favorite food – fettuccine alfredo
  • Favorite color- purple
  • Favorite activity – soccer
  • prefers – tall guys

Over all Abby is a good student athlete role model and our student spotlight of the week, tune in for next weeks.





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