Amelia vs. Gleneste Baseball Game

What did the baseball glove say to the ball? Catch ya later( pun intended). Speaking of baseball; the final game between Amelia HighSchool and Gleneste HighSchool is taking place soon. (Even though most people don’t know that Amelia has a baseball team) coming out to support the last ever official game of baseball against Gleneste is a big deal.


It’ll be close game, with Gleneste having a record of 1-1 and Amelia with a record of 4-2. Here are some of the thoughts from the players…

Jake Helton says ”  I think we will win, and the key is teamwork”

Heltons key players – ” All the senoirs”

Tyler Stewart says ” I think we’ll win if we stay focused and come out strong”



So come out and supported you’re unknown baseball team on rivalry day…


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