Cross Country

Something has been running through my mind and I have to write it down. It’s about Cross Country and how beneficial and fun it can be if you just give it a try…..


Now let’s talk about the benefits and we’ll get to the fun part later. This sport is not like most, it’s 90% mental and only %10 physical. Now I know what your thinking,” wow that sounds impossible” but it’s the truth. Running these long distances helps you not physically but mentally, by pushing your self to limits that you thought you couldn’t before.

With the physical side of things running is the only exercise that works out your entire body at once. If you’re looking to lose weight this is one of the best ways to do that. Also running improves you’re cardiovascular health, by increasing your heart rate and using your muscles on a regular basis. If you’re someone who doesn’t drink a lot of milk and need the bone strength running also helps that. But that’s not all cross country improves your lung capacity, and gives your immune system a boost.

Here is what some of the runners say when I asked them about doing Cross Coutry…

Jake West said ” I’ve been doing it sense freshman year and I still love it and highly recommend it”

Justin Taverner said ” Besides the physical props this is a really fun team”



If this hasn’t persuaded you to get up and run like Forest Gump, then you should know that your part of a supportive team. This is a very unique sport because you can PR and place high with individual scoring. While doing that you get your team points so that your school can win a meet.

Running Cross Country isn’t for everybody, but you won’t know until you try. So get out to your school tema and give it a try….

( Amelia High School does have a team with a FaceBook Amelia Runners Page)




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