Milford Cross Country Meet

Do you know what people say about Cross Country? It’s one hill of a sport (pun Intended).. Saturday Amelia High School was in another meet, but this one did not look as optimistic as the Georgetown run.

Image result for amelia high schoolImage result for milford high school ohioThe Amelia Cross Country team has never ran the Milford course before, but most did like the flatness and woods/fields of the race. Here are our top runners times…



1. Tom Cassavant – 18:20
2. Roger Cassavant -18:40
3. Justin Tavner – 19:30
4. Jake West – 21:02
5. Noah Noffsinger – 21:42



1.Maddie Walker – 19:30
2. Morgan Walsh – 20:00
3. Maria Carderellie- 20:35
4. Morgan Chafer – 21:30
5. Ashley Gates- 22:00

Neither teams ended up winning the meet, but still have a great shot at winning league. The next race is Saturday the 24 at Newrichmonds Cross Country course at the high school. So come out and support our runners…


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