Buck Creek Cross Country Meet

Some of the cross country runners like to say “I survived” like during the obstacles at the Mason meet. But this past meet was not that at all, in fact there was a lot of PR’s (personal records)….



Although this meet was not victorious for Amelia on the girls and the boys side, runners still absolutely love this race. That is of course except for a few things. Here’s what some of our athletes said….

Jake West said ” I do love the Buckcreek meet, the only bad thing is the two hour drive here the giant hill in the last .1 of the race, but besides that it’s all down hill”

Roger Cassavant said ” This is a great PR course, but it has its corks, yea it’s all down hill but the last part labeled “The Terrible Hill” has its name for a reason”


Here are the top 5 runners times

Tom Cassavant – 17:18
Justin Tavner – 17:34
Roger Cassavant – 18:12
Chaz Simmermon – 19:51
James Kisner – 20:51

Maddie Walker – 18:16
Morgan Walsh – 19:44
Morgan Chafer – 23:13
Brooke Hall – 24:51
Leann Williams – 25:30

IMG_3897-0.PNGThe next cross country meet us at Goshen’s course this Tuesday the 4th, so come out and supports your Amelia survivors (xc runners)….



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