2016 Halloween Pumpkins

What is a pumpkins favorite sport? Squash(pun intended)…. With the Halloween season just ending there are a lot of pumpkins still out, here you can see the best jack-o-lanterns of 2016….
Image result for jack o lantern

10.  Jack Skellington Pumpkin

10 Killer Pumpkin Carving Ideas to Win HalloweenYou could go for the pumpkin king himself and the star of A Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington. It’s hard to think of a better Halloween tie-in than Tim Burton’s dark fantasy.

9. Raspberry Pi Pumpkin

10 Killer Pumpkin Carving Ideas to Win Halloween

Got a Raspberry pi and some coding chops? You can create a range of embedded pumpkin effects with the world’s most popular microcomputer, including a lantern that lights up as someone approaches.

8. Pumpkin Jail


Nothing’s worse than being in jail on a night when everybody is busy having fun. Cut a hole in the bottom of a large pumpkin, and place the face of a smaller one inside. Carve vertical bars out of the larger pumpkin to make it look like a jail cell.



Your jack-o-lantern can also be funny. Carve out a frog with two small pumpkins, using green paint for the eyes. The face has a big mouth with the tongue hanging out. The larger pumpkin makes the body of this friendly frog, who will surely make your guests feel welcome this Halloween.

6. Creepy Crawlers


Halloween is the night that the creatures from the dark side venture out. Carve out a cat and a overhanging spider on your pumpkin. You can also carve out any other creepy-crawly creature. Bats are especially welcome.

5. Pumpkin Smile



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