Amelia Swim Team

What detergent do swimmers use to wash their wet suits ? Tide….(pun intended). Amelia’s swim team has recently started back up and their making a big splash….



This year our schools team had 27 swimmers join, and with only 6 new swimmers. Last year Amelia didn’t do as great as they wanted to, but we still very satisfied with their results, and with everyone back from last year their going for the same if not better this year.

After interviewing Mr. Moore, one of the coaches, he said ” We do have a lot of new swimmers this year, but with not losing anyone, and having mainly everyone back, I think we’ll do even better than last year”

This is what some of the veteran swimmers said….

Conner Keith said ” With all the old swimmers we have coming back I think we can accomplish the dream season that we couldn’t get to last year”

David Shilling said ” I’m glad to have all of our swim team back this year and I hope we do very well this year”



Here are some of the top prospects for this season….

Conner Keith- Senior and second year swimmer

David Shilling- Senior and also a second year swimmer

Garrett Orourick- Senior and a second year swimmer

If this have interest in this and now you want to ripple that competitive pool, contact Mr. Moore, and become part of this up and coming team….





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