Chess Club 2016-17

How does an Australian say he is attacking your king? “Check, mate” (pun intended)…. Speaking of chess, the club is starting up again and they want you there.

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They say chess can be a very complicated sport, but according to Bryan it’s just repetition.

After interviewing a few people from this club this is what they said….

Jacob Lineman said ” This is a very good experience to learn how to use strategy, and it’s a lot of fun and not nearly as boring as people think”

Bryan said ” I invite everybody to come, no matter what the skill level we can teach you, becoming good at chess is a bit difficult, but just learning how to play the game is easy”

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Currently 10 people are in this exciting club, and more are coming everyday. They want you to come with an open mind and ready to pick up this mind blowing game. The school is fully on board and has already donated a few chess boards, and they’re helping to schedule a chess game with another school coming up…..

Chess Club is in Ms.Cambells room from 2:30-3:30 everyday

Monday’s-Wednesday’s- Playing days

Thursday’s and Fridays- Teaching days


Image result for chessImage result for chess

So come out to chess club and discover the true excitement of attacking that last king….



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