Top 10 Most Wanted Christmas Gifts 

What is the best thing about the Christmas season ? When the candy canes are in mint condition(pun intended)…. Speaking of this holiday season, here are some of the great gifts of the 2016 season( in a top ten form). 

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10. Puppies 

Puppies come at the bottom of the list as the least wanted holiday gifts. They are not very cheap, but you can choose a puppy that is sold at a reasonable price to be able to please the person who wishes to get it for the holiday and to save money for the other gifts.
9. iPad 

It is highly desired especially among those who are still young in their age such as teenagers. iPad is considered to be the least demanded electronic gift for the holidays as laptops, cameras and iPhones are more wanted.
8. Camera 

It is one of the best gifts that can be presented for holidays to document all the happy moments whether they are during celebrating holidays or other happy moments that rarely happen in our life and deserve to be documented to be always remembered.

7. Shoes

They are more affordable than other gifts which will cost you a lot of money. These shoes are manufactured in different materials and are sold at different prices to allow you to purchase what suits your budget.

They can be found in various prices and have different specifications. Although the prices vary from one laptop to another, they are still among the expensive gifts that can be presented on holidays.
5. Clothing 

They are available in different brands. Some of these brands are affordable while the others come to be very expensive. Among the most desired clothing brands are Nike, Ugg, Louis Vuitton, Victoria’s Secret and Michael Kors.
4. Movies and Tv Shows 

Who does not like watching TV especially during holidays? Among the most popular holiday gifts that are highly demanded are movies and TV shows that come on DVDs.
3. iPhone

Some of those who expressed their wishes showed that they want to get an iPhone as it is one of the most reliable phones that can be ever found.
2. Gift Cards

Gift cards come at the 2nd place on the list of the most wanted Christmas gifts. The most desired gift cards are Starbucks, iTunes, Target, Visa and Amazon.
1. Cash

It is highly ranked on the list to come as the most demanded holiday gift by most of the people who expressed their wishes and the gifts that they want for the holiday. Although there are some people who do not accept the idea of giving or receiving cash as a holiday gift, the majority of those who expressed their opinions want to get cash and this may be because they want to purchase what they need on their own.

So if you’re filling out that Christmas list or buying for someone else’s, this maybe be just the thing you need….


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