Why Do We Need Chemistry?

What’d you do with a dead chemist? You barium. Chemistry is in our everyday life and is very important, even for those of us who don’t use it. Nobody knows the importance of the little things we have and know. Those things are there because of one word, science. Chemistry is known as the central science so technically chem is to thank. Modern day medicine is all chemistry, any prescription and radiation is all from chem. Another way that chemistry is important because it’s the bridge for all other sciences to be able to understand them. Chemistry is very important in any person’s everyday life, and we need to have it.


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Cancer is one of the biggest medical problem that we face today. Thanks to chemistry we have found a way to treat it.  Radiation is a treatment that kills a lot of the cells in your body. This is not considered a “cure” but a treatment, however it does cure some. Radiation is produced in waves almost like an X-ray. Those waves are what kill any existing fast moving cancer. We know all about this because of science and the study of those waves. All scanning that we have such as, PET and MRI’s are also made from it. Next all pharmacist have to take a lot of chemistry courses, because there is so much involved in medication. It’s what medication is, chemicals put together, which happens to be what chemistry is.

Anything that is “central” connects all parts together, it’s the bridge. This is what chem is, “central science”. What’s happens is chemistry links the physical sciences to the life sciences. Math helps with the world of physics, because it’s all math. Physicals links to chem because it’s also why for instinstance gravity pulls us down. Then chem links us to a whole other world. It builds the bridge to biology, which goes to brain science, agriculture, and medical. Chem also links to nano science, which goes to computer science. Xeon is also from chem, which links to the earth sciences. So without chemistry, we couldn’t have of connected to all these other sciences that help our everyday life.

After taking taking a poll on Amelia High School and asking the question, “Do you think we need chemistry?” here are the results….

Yea- 34


Here are what some of the students said after being asked, “Do you think chem is important?”

Hank Troxell(left) says, “ I’ve only just taken basic chemistry, but just from that I would have to say yea”

Kyle Nicodemus(right) said, “ They say that chemistry is all around us, I believe it is very important”


Just like matter is all around us so is chemistry. Everything we see is made of atoms, which was studied and figured out through science. Take for instance what you drink everyday, H2O or water. It’s what we need to live, but hundreds of years ago nobody knew much about it. Now they do, and it’s a due to once again chemistry. Gas something most of us use everyday, was studied by chemist and determined how to use it. Whether it’s using it to dry your car, or even best your home. It’s literally all around us, and science is why we know what it is, and how to use it.

Heather Howard, a chemist at a flavor company believes chemistry is a very important subject. As a quality control employ, her job is to review paper work. She also has to run different flavored on instruments, to make sure they meet standards. She also gets to group taste everything that is produced. If there is a problem they go through all the problem solving techniques. When asked why do you think chemistry is important she said “Chemistry is what makes up many things in our everyday life. I have spoken to a chemist who works for the FDA and they help to clean up the oil spill that happened a few years ago. Understanding chemistry helps to see the how the world works and keeps going. I think what we do in my current position is very important to the everyday person because we make many flavors that go into consumer products. If the quality isn’t correct then 1,000s of people could be sick”. When asked what she loved and hated about her job she said “ I love most things about my job. Here are a few things that really got me excited about this postion! We taste all kinds of flavors from fruit to meat. Another thing is all the instrumentation. We get to use the gas chromatography to determine whether the product is good! What I hate is paperwork, it is super important but it is time consuming.”

This shows how something we don’t think about affects everybody’s life. From the medical advances that chem has brought it to. To the way chemistry has connected all sciences to further help us in the world of the unknown. All the way over to learning what all substances are made of. Everything is chemistry, it’s not just a class everyone hates. Chemistry is what makes this world what it is today.

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